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🥩 This course is a real meat paradise – not for vegetarians! 🚫 Premium Meat is all about exquisite meat that comes from happy animals in optimal conditions. Our delicacies impress with their outstanding quality, tender texture and excellent taste. 👌Here you can sizzle, talk shop, feast, drink and laugh heartily. Find out how to recognize first-class meat and what you should pay particular attention to when shopping. 🧐 Our kitchen serves only the best of the best, and together we immerse ourselves in meaty delights. 🍖✨

Atmospheric champagne reception and welcome by our culinary competence team
Presentation of the menu and commodity knowledge
Preparation of all dishes under the guidance of an experienced professional chef
Common meal at the festively decorated table with waitress and beverage service

Equipment and clothing
Professional cooking utensils and a cooking apron are provided on loan as a matter of course
provided by us.

All drinks (LACOCINA wines, beers, soft drinks and coffee specialties) are included in the menu price.

about 4,5 hours


Surprise course from the chef


Cross-tasting of premium steaks around the world


Secreto of Iberian Pata Negra pork with white port shallots, wild herb salad and home-baked bread with black aioli


Dry aged entrecote of Pomeranian pasture-fed beef with cranberry whiskey butter, sautéed green asparagus and sweet potato puree


Dark chocolate tartlet with pineapple and bacon skewer

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