Summer special

Indulge yourself at La Cocina cooking school

Delicious new summer menus and grill events for the best days of the year …
Enjoy an atmospheric barbecue among colleagues or a summer kitchen party in flying finger food style as a creative customer invitation – with our summer specials we make you a unique culinary offer for the most beautiful season of the year.

Together with you we grill delicacies with fresh meat or fish, regional vegetables, fruits and aromatic, fragrant herbs of the season.

With professional advice and preparation from our team at LACOCINA Cooking Schools, you’ll choose a suitable menu or create a custom 3-course meal if you discover a favorite you’ve always wanted to cook.

  • Top service during the event
  • High quality and coordinated menus
  • Inviting location with the best equipment
  • Drinks package for your event

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We will be happy to help you directly with the planning and execution. To do this, just select their appropriate cooking school and enter your data.

The menu of the event

Beef and BBQ US style barbecue:

A must for all fans of American barbecue culture! Delicious meat and accompanied by ice cold beer and lots of Johnny Cash!

To start, we enjoy homemade quesadillas and shrimp skewers. This is topped with entrecote and flank steak with matching sides like cole slaw and ends with a sweet, fruity and chocolatey treat.


Mediterranean barbecue:

This event tastes like summer and vacation! Tapas and anti pasti to start, followed by grilled fresh fish, meat and lots of delicious vegetables. A sweet seduction completes the menu.

Mediterranean cuisine is light, very healthy and incredibly aromatic due to the variety of herbs and spices. All delicacies are prepared presto, presto and then eaten together with a few bottles of wine at the lovingly set table.


Good old Germany barbecue:

Everyone loves summer barbecues with friends and family. There is top meat, delicious salads and lots of beer!

German recipe tradition, uncomplicated and trendy modernized: Hearty onion bread, delicious salads according to grandmother Frieda’s recipe, homemade bratwurst, delicious meat which you freshly marinate and hearty steaks from Pomeranian pasture-raised beef for real guys. All this and much more…

We prepare everything together with love and fun and at the end we feast in a convivial round.

Course of the event

We want to give you and your employees an unforgettable experience. Take the opportunity to motivate your team at one of our events.

The participants set their arrival time together in the team and then coordinate it with us.
If you book a beverage package, you will be welcomed by us with a delicious Prosecco upon your arrival.

After a short safety briefing by our trained chefs, it’s then “wash your hands” and “get to the stove”, your team cooking course begins.

Corresponding drinks (The La Cocina house white and red wine, beer, soft drinks, juices & coffee) can be conveniently booked as a flat rate or individually according to consumption. Other wines & spirits are bookable on request.

During the cooking experience, enjoy the wonderful food at the festively set table in the LACOCINA cooking schools.

The total duration of the cooking course is about 4.5 – 5 hours, additional hours can be booked on request.

To satisfy the first hunger upon your arrival, we recommend booking our delicious finger food.

For example, how about personalized cooking aprons with your logo, a DJ , a photo box or a photographer on site?
Just let us know and we will fulfill (almost) any wish that will make your evening even more perfect.

In order to secure your desired date and the “ticket to the WE-feeling”, we ask you to contact us as early as possible.

We will gladly reserve an appointment for you, even without obligation, for seven days. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail!

Our quality promise

In theLACOCINA we always cook with the best ingredients that our regions and the most renowned gourmet suppliers have to offer! But good food has its price. Food from controlled cultivation, for example, is more expensive than conventional food because more emphasis is placed on sustainability in cultivation and animal husbandry. Fair trade and species-appropriate husbandry cost more, but you know what you’re eating.
We, too, have to face the daily challenges of the market, which is supplying increasingly high-quality ingredients in meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and spices, but which has also seen prices rise, in some cases dramatically, over the past two years.

For example, staple foods such as butter and milk have seen increases of up to 30%, and prices for some fruits and spices have risen by nearly 50% in the past year. For good meat from controlled production, such as noble beef from the USA or LiVar pork, prices have skyrocketed by 40%.

Our customers always expect the best quality and of course we would like to offer this to our customers and guests – therefore, unfortunately, we cannot escape this price spiral either. But we still see this as an investment – because the best investment in our bodies, in our opinion, is good food.

Good food from good, fresh ingredients – you can taste the difference.