Potato times differently – the horny tuber

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Potatoes are the most popular vegetable among Germans!

They are usually boiled in salted water and then served with meat and vegetables, they refine a soup or are the satiator in a casserole. The brown tuber can be much more than just a carbohydrate-rich side dish! In this course we will show you how to raise potatoes to a new level in no time and how diverse the preparation methods can be.


Atmospheric champagne reception and welcome by our culinary competence team
Presentation of the menu and commodity knowledge
Preparation of all dishes under the guidance of an experienced professional chef
Common meal at the festively decorated table with waitress and beverage service
Handing out of your personal recipe folder with all recipes of the evening

Equipment and clothing
Professional cooking utensils and a cooking apron will of course be provided by us on loan.

All drinks (LACOCINA wines, beers, soft drinks and coffee specialties) are included in the menu price.

about 4,5 hours

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