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Always the best ingredients, fresh from our renowned gourmet suppliers. Chefs with many years of experience in top gastronomy. Gifts worth €70 for each participant after the cooking course. You should not miss our best cooking classes.

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La Cocina cookbook

9.90 inkl. Mwst.

Barbecue sauces set

12.00 inkl. Mwst.

Olive oil – white truffle

8.90 inkl. Mwst.

Sushi poster

39.90 inkl. Mwst.

Apricot & Mango Jam

3.99 inkl. Mwst.

Avocado & Tomato Guacamole

4.90 inkl. Mwst.

Pop up, little Italy! Poster

39.90 inkl. Mwst.

BBQ Sauce Bourbon Honey

3.99 inkl. Mwst.

BBQ Sauce Steaks & More

3.99 inkl. Mwst.

Downtown New York Poster

39.90 inkl. Mwst.

BBQ Sauce Sweet & Spicy

3.99 inkl. Mwst.

Chutney set

32.90 inkl. Mwst.